Choosing A New Furnace

When is it Time for a New Furnace?

The middle of a freezing winter night is not an ideal time to find out that your home needs a new furnace. While many times, furnace issues can be remedied by calling our experts, there are just certain problems that aren’t worth the money to fix. How can you tell if you need to plan for a new furnace?

How Old is Your Furnace?

If it’s around 16-20 years old you might want to start researching a new furnace. It’s easier to make an informed decision when you have the time to make it, instead of rushing the decision in the dead of winter, or the scorching heatwave of summer.

Are Your Bills Costing More?

As furnaces age, they decrease in their efficiency, especially if not properly maintained. Your gas and electric bills may not be going up just because the price of utilities is rising, it might be that your furnace is not functioning as well as it has in the past.

Hearing Strange Noises?

If your furnace is making any type of banging, popping, or squealing noise, or if it sounds like it’s running excessively, it’s probably because it’s starting to wear with age.

Notice any Health Changes in Yourself or Your Family?

The older the furnace the higher the chance of it developing cracks in the heat exchanger. Problems like this put your home at risk for Carbon Monoxide leaks. If the leaks go undetected, it can cause serious health issues for your family. While we highly encourage that every home-owner frequently checks their carbon monoxide detector, other signs of the harmful gas are: frequent headaches, nausea, disorientation, flu-like symptoms, and/or burning in your nose or eyes.

If you seriously suspect a carbon monoxide leak, it is important to leave your home and call local fire officials. Our licensed technicians will always inspect for leaks during a tune-up or safety inspection.

Time for an Upgrade?

We can schedule a time to take a look at your current system and provide a free quote on replacing your old system with new, higher efficiency and money saving equipment.